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Outdoor Mats

Stop dirt and grime before it enters your door.

Our quality line of outdoor mats stop dirt and grime before it enters your door. 85% of all soil enters a building on the feet of building occupants, making outdoor mats an invaluable first defense to protect your carpets and flooring. Our outdoor entrance mats will also provide safety and cleanliness for your visitors. 

Our outdoor mats are UV-safe, meaning they won't fade when left outside in the sun all day. They are also made with quality rubber that remains flexible in all temperatures, hot or cold. Be sure you are choosing an outdoor door mat for true outdoor use; you don't want an indoor mat to get ruined and provide little protection. 

When possible, pair a quality outdoor mat with another mat indoors.

This tag-team combination will give you the best protection for your floors and doorways. Because often, outdoor door mats are non-absorbent. This means they will provide scraping action and slip protection, but they won't dry shoes. Pair with an absorbent indoor mat for the best coverage. 

For tough boot-scraping action, our non-absorbent Super Scrape and Rubber Brush door mats will stop the heaviest of grit and dirt before it enters your building. 

The Brush Hog outdoor mat is a great way to brighten your doorway with its six vibrant, fade-proof colors.

  • Waterhog Eco Premier Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Waterhog Eco Premier Mat
    Indoor/Outdoor | 50% heavier than Waterhog Classic | High traffic | Upscale geometric pattern | Waterhog ECO Premier door mats combine beauty and durability. They are designed to scrape dirt and water off feet from all...

  • Brush Hog
    $0.00 Choose Options Brush Hog
    Fibers similar to athletic turf | Coarse brush mat | Non-absorbent | Dries quickly | Designed for outdoor use, the Brush Hog entrance mat aggresively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes. The Brush Hog uses the same fiber...

  • Waterhog Classic Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Waterhog Classic Mat
    Best seller | Indoor/Outdoor | Simple waffle design | Highly absorbent | High traffic |  You're looking at the original Waterhog mat: This door mat is our top seller, winning customers with its rubber-reinforced face...

  • Super and Safety Scrape rubber mats
    $0.00 Choose Options Super and Safety Scrape rubber mats
    Basic rubber scraper | Low profile to clear doors | Provides non-slip traction | All rubber |  These scraper door mats stop the heaviest of dirt outside the door before it enters the building. Because the Scraper mats...

  • Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape
    $0.00 Choose Options Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape
    Soften cushioning rubber |  Antimicrobial for kitchen or locker room | Grease resistant | This 100% Nitrile rubber anti-fatigue mat is ideal for your tough wet environments. The Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape mats are...

  • Wayfarer Custom Pool and Deck Matting
    $0.00 Choose Options Wayfarer Custom Pool and Deck Matting
    Open-back | Thick 1/2" | Soft on bare feet | Loop construction | Highly durable |  The Wayfarer Custom, featuring an open-back vinyl loop construction, lets dirt and water pass through. The mat surface stays clean and...

  • Wayfarer Vinyl Loop mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Wayfarer Vinyl Loop mat
    Loop construction | Solid vinyl back | Very durable | Made in USA | The Wayfarer is a vinyl-loop outdoor mat with a solid-sheet vinyl back that provides extra durability and placement stability. The Wayfarer...

  • Heat Trak Snow Melt Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Heat Trak Snow Melt Mat
    The Heat Trax snow melting mat is an efficient and convenient way to eliminate snow and ice. This portable electric heating mat lays over a variety of surfaces and provides a clean, safe passageway. The Heat Trax mat is made...